How to participate

Get added

All sign ups are handled by ArmaPickupBot which keeps count of players added and announces the start of games. Use the !add <gametype> command to join the queue for the game(s) you want to play, for example, !add fort6. For a list of current games and available servers see the Games & Servers page or use !pickups. Note that if added for more than one gametype, as soon as one you're added for starts, you will be automatically removed from all others. To remove yourself manually use !remove. Other commands are referenced below and for any further help with the bot simply type !help. The channel topic (usually shown at the top of your IRC window) displays a summary of signups and updates instantly. It sometimes contains reminders or news from the channel opertators so take time to observe any messages.

Once one of the game types has enough players the bot will announce the players who are participating and designate captains. Captains are expected to lead their team and unless specified, pick which players join it. If you don't want to be a captain for whatever reason, ask in the channel if someone else will take it (If not, tough!) In every game one of the captains is a referee, who chooses which server to go to and op's the other captain(s).
In fort6 - the first captain is the referee
In kotf3 and tst - the first player listed is the referee

When the referee has chosen a server all players are expected to join it immediately.

In the server

Once in the server someone must create a vote in order to make the first captain referee. This can be done with the command /vote referee followed by the name of the first captain. Other players then use the in-game menu to accept the vote. Once that vote is passed the referee should join Team blue then promote the other captain to team leader status using /op <name>, who joins the other team in turn. Note: for tst matches, there are 4 captains, each the first player on their team.

If in a fort6 game, the captains then pick their teammates in turns. During this time, all other players are expected to remain silent. To pick a player, use the /invite command followed by the players name. The second captain has the first pick. Each captain takes turns in picking one player at a time until all players are picked and the teams are full. In other gametypes where teams are predetermined, simply /invite your team members when you can. Once you are invited, you are expected to join the team as soon as possible.

Once the teams are picked, each team has a moment to set up before starting. Here and until the end of the game, you are expected to follow the direction of your captain. The actual game starts once all players are ready. To mark yourself as ready use the /ready command.

While various levels of skill are accepted, you are expected to focus on playing and to stay until the end of the game. If either is a problem for you, consider playing a regular public game instead. Once the match is over, players must leave or get into spectator mode. The servers are reserved for exclusive use by the pickup channel.


(This is a guide to substituting. Whilst players are expected to resolve situations themselves, if there are any grievances decisions should be made based on these principles.)

If for some reason you desire to leave mid game, you must secure a substitute or face suspension from the channel. If there are spectators in the server see if they want to play, or check to see who is currently added in the channel and ask them. If that fails shout out in the channel and someone might be able to. Once a sub is found, let the captain know and also make sure the channel is updated to reflect that if not clear already.

If the game has just been announced and hasn't started yet, ask the first person who added that is still currently, they should still be around. If not, the next person who added and so on. Else try as above.

Make decisions based on a on a first come first served basis to avoid any disagreements. Except: If a sub is aksed for in the channel and someone responds, they have the right to play based on someone who simply showed up in the server. The channel takes preference, keep it updated!

If a player disconnects and someone subbed in whilst they were away, the original player has the right to rejoin.

NOTE: Related rules

  • If the referee takes longer than 2 minutes to respond with the server choice, someone else should take the responsibility and the original ref has until everyone else in the server is ready (besides the captain) to show up before being substituted. Likewise if a non captain doesn't enter the server immediately.
  • Whenever you sub for a game, !remove if you are currently added.

Command reference
  • !add fort6 adds you up for fort6.
  • !remove removes you from all games.
  • !remove fort6 removes you from fort6 only.
  • !who tells you who is currently added.
  • !who fort6 tells you who added up for that particular game.
  • !promote kotf3 will show a message inviting players to add up for the specified game.
  • !lastgame shows you the last game that was started
  • Try !commands and !help for further actions!