• Channel language is English. Don't flood the channel with unrelated topics. Keep it friendly and drama-free.
  • Do not promote pickup games in other armagetron servers. Publicly soliciting players to add in any way will result in a ban.

  • If you sign up for a game, you commit to playing it, regardless of which game you signed up for starts and in which location.
  • !remove if you sub-in for a game.
  • Do not re-!add if you're already playing. 
  • If you wish not to take your captain spot, you can ask for someone else to take it for you. If nobody accepts, you have to do it yourself, without complaint.  Do not pressure any of the randomly selected captains in order for them to give you their captain spot.
  • If the referee takes longer than 2 minutes to respond with the server choice, someone else should take the responsibility and the original referee has until everyone else in the server is ready (besides the captain) to show up before being substituted. Likewise if a non captain doesn't enter the server immediately or is unresponsive.
  • As a captain, you are responsible for organising your team. Players should listen to their instructions, providing they are within reason.
  • Help newer players pick their players in case they are captain and don't know the other players very well.
  • Team captains are expected to concert with each other over any problem that might arise. If for some reason you still need an admin and none is present in the server, say @admins: your message in the pickup channel.
  • If a player leaves mid-game please report it.
  • Players must remain in the server until the winner of the match is announced. Regardless of the circumstances of the match or if they plan to add again or not.
    UPDATE: Any player unintentionally breaking this rule can simply miss the next match and take a small suspension. As long as they are responsive to a staffer. Non responsive and repeat offenders WILL be banned.
  • Leave the server after a match has finished or go into spectator mode. Do not idle in the servers.
  • Pickup servers are only meant to be used by the pickup channel's users in the course of a pickup game. Any other use of it is subject to banning from the servers themselves and/or from the pickup channel.
  • Keep quiet during picks. Unnecessary chatter doesn't help captains and can delay the match.
  • Keep chatting to a minimum during the match.
  • Spectators are allowed during pickup matches but we ask that you put "spec" in your name to ease the picking process for the captains. Spectators should also remain silent unless being asked to sub.
  • Your in-game nick should be the same as the one you used to sign up to the game with. It's your responsibility to make sure the captains know who you are if it differs.
  • Admins have the right to distribute bans from the channel for any given period of time for 'disturbing the peace'.
  • Do not PM staffers about bans. Join #armagetron.pickup.ops if you have a query.


Staffers have the right to use discretion where they think is necessary :-)