Welcome to the pickup channel's home page.

In case you arrived here through some unknown means and don't know what "Armagetron Advanced" is, it's the game we play. You can get it at http://www.armagetronad.net/. You should know however that we expect slightly experienced players here. But don't worry, you can just get the game and ignore this website entirely!

What is a pickup game?
Pickup games are organized by people who like to have a competitive and fun match. The idea is that players don't leave during the match and that each team uses at least some basic organization. These pickup games are formed on IRC on FreeNode. You can use the webchat provided or use your own IRC client to join the #armagetron.pickup channel & participate when you think you're ready!


  • New rules - Pickup rules have now been updated including a some new ones. Take time to read them.

  • Site updated - If you're looking for the webchat it now has its own page. All other pages have been made current with procedures and rules updated for reference, reflecting what a majority of players already know and practice. FAQ page added. (11/03/2014)

  • Feedback form - Want to report an offense or suggest something? Head to our feedback page.

  • Important! If you use a 0.3.x¬†development¬†version, your client will consider itself expired and will refuse to join most of our servers! Please upgrade! (0.2.8 clients will work fine)