Why do I keep being renamed to 'Guest123456789'?
    FreeNode's NickServ service allows you to register your nick so only you can use it. If you've been renamed it's because someone else has already reserved it. For more information see here.

The webchat keeps disconnecting me, how come?
    The webchat is fairly basic and regularly loses connections. If you're a regular visitor then we suggest using an IRC client, which would be more reliable and configurable.

I timed out from the channel and connected, now I'm there twice. What now?
    It can take up to 5 minutes for the server to confirm you timed out and remove that nick. If you were added for a game under that nick you will be removed when this happens. Please don't add again until it happens, otherwise you may find yourself in a game twice! Re-add again after or if available you can ask a channel operator to manually remove your disconnected nick so you can add again immediately. If identified with NickServ you can manually disconnect the old session using the GHOST command (/msg nickserv help ghost).

How come someone who added just after me is included in the game and I'm not?
Your connection to an IRC server will have latency just like everything else. Your message will always show up on your screen as soon as you send it, in reality however the actual delay may mean that your text was received after someone else's with less. In other words, laaaag.

How do I join other channels? What other channels are there on FreeNode?
    Type /join <channel name>. FreeNode is one of the largest IRC networks, here is an online list of available channels. You can also use the network's channel list service, alis (see /msg alis help.)

How can I leave a message to someone who isn't in the channel at the moment?
    If the person you wish to communicate with has a NickServ account, you can use MemoServ to send them a message, see /msg MemoServ help send.

I don't see the server I'm supposed to join in the game's server browser?
    A small delay can be common, try waiting a few more seconds or connect using the custom connect details found here.

Why can't we advertise pickup anymore?
    Pickup games are popular enough without the need to plug them in other servers, so we took the decision to make it a ruling that you are requested not to go around publicly, blatant or subtle, asking people to add in other armagetron servers.

Why can't I leave before MATCH WINNER is displayed anymore, even though I don't plan to add again?
    People doing this sometimes caused a rush of other people who did plan to play again, to leave early themselves which is unfair to those that wait. Therefore everyone should now simply wait until the match winner is confirmed, regardless of if they plan to play again, to leave the game.

Do I still have to !remove if I sub for a match that's over halfway finished?
For the sake of simplicity yes, always remove if you sub.

I subbed for someone who disconnected from the game and then came back, do I have to let them play again?
    If they want to, yes. Ideally players should use common sense here and let the match continue as is if they have missed a lot of the match.

Why have I been banned? How long for?

    Currently there is no way to view this information however you
 join #armagetron.pickup.ops and find out there.

I think I was wrongly banned, what should I do?
    Speak to a staffer in #armagetron.pickup.ops.

That player broke that rule in that game we played and nothing was done about it?
    Probably because no one reported it! For arbitrary rules, some people will interpret them differently and as long as players are happy no action need be taken.
Don't try and get other players unnecessarily banned.

PROTIP: For faster picking when captain switch to window mode (or a smaller window if in already) and view the player list from the channel notfication in the background. This will also allow you to keep an eye on any player updates before the match starts.